Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Waist deep in summer sales

It's that time of year, all the retailers are thinking about fall.
Most already have the fall merch on display.

That means summer stock has to go! Thank god this summer has been blazing hot. Summer sale purchases can actually be worn for few months longer.

I work in the software industry as a Software Tester. Yes, I'm a geek, I don't look like one, but underneath I am. Well, I was at work on Saturday because we had a software release. It was a very long day and I decided to take a quick peak at one of my favourite stores on Queen Street, Change Room (425 Queen Street West - map it!).

They are having a massive summer sale on now, with prices from 50% - 70% off. I had went to the shop earlier in the week and spotted a Triple 5 Soul jacket I liked. It's a white 3/4 length spring jacket. I've been scouring the net to find a picture of it, but it was just not happening. It looks like the 3/4 length down filled winter jacket with the hood, but there is no fur. It's a like a shell jacket but much more stylist and not as waterproof! So, I returned Saturday to buy it.....

I also ending up buying a Kitchen Orange denim jacket like so

In addition I picked up another OK47 halter top (in sage) and a pair of linen cargos from Triple 5 Soul.
ALL at 50% off.

Queen Street can be dangerous to work close to. Most of the stores along the strip are having good sales on right now, so if you can get your butt down here, I would suggest it.

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