Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Places I like to shop in Toronto

In addition to the links I have on the sidebar, there are many other shops I like to visit that don't have websites.

te koop 421 Queen Street West - map it!

te koop offers accessories, bags, sunglasses, clothing and watches. There is a great selection of Adidas and Puma bags. Other brands include Killah, American Apparel, and Parcel handbags.

Change Room 425 Queen Street West - map it!

Change Room is a great clothing store for both men and women. Brands you can find there are Triple 5 Soul, Gas (Beautiful jeans, but they don't fit muscular legs. Speaking from experience, sigh), Betty Bush, Kitchen Orange, Fidel, Franklin and Marshall, OK47 and others

Da Zone 468 Queen Street West - map it!

This shoe store has great sales on brands like Adidas, Puma and Nike. The best thing about this store is that there is always something on sale. I got in every once in awhile and check things out. This is the place I got my Gerd Muellers from.

Heel Boy - 682 Queen Street West - map it!
Good selection of shoes. Brands you will find include Matt and Nat, Nine West and Steve Madden

Well you can imagine that I have a lot of shops to list, so I will be making more posts with my favourite places to shop.


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